The oldest deity in recorded history Mori's image appears on shards of Hassuna pottery dating back to 5000 B.C. The Ubadians built the first shrine dedicated to her worship and by the time Sumerians had settled on the Euphrates, the cult of Mori was well established. Millennia later her depiction would grace the entrance of the Library of Alexandria, despite her abhorrence of the written word. Scholars believe that this was at Petolemy's (an ardent follower) insistence. The Mori faithful believe that books are an attempt to overcome earthly transience. Mori reigns over the dream world and the afterlife which are synonymous in her teachings. The sting from her tail induces a narcoleptic state in which a believer glimpses eternity. In recent times she was purported to be the chosen guide of Heaven's Gate cultists to the spiritual realm.

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